Torturomatic that is another interesting stickman and decision making game is one of unblocked games. This means that your character will be a stickman in this game. Unlike other decision making puzzle games, your aim is not to help your character. Actually, you will try to make it experience more great suffering. In other words, while you will be the torture chamber master, your character will your victim! It is like burning the ants in the ant tank, right?

In Torturomatic, game in hot unblocked games, you will see unique graphics. We know it is not 3D animated game, but it has nostalgic taste that appeals to everybody, and is suitable for all ages. As we mentioned earlier, you will control a stickman during the path in a large room with lots of obstacles and traps. You will guide this unlucky stickman in order to hurt it as much as possible by choosing specifically which paths he will follow. When you hurt the stickman, you will gain points.

Keep in mind that in the game, there are many different obstacles and traps such as lasers, chainsaws, spears, gatling gun, lava, blades, acid, spikes, etc. Each of them will have different damage. Also, you will get different point by torturing your character with each of them. You should consider all possibilities and imagine which direction can lead more damage. Then based on your imagination, you should pick a direction to gain the highest point. The rule of the game, one of unblocked games, is so simple: the more pain he feels the more score you will get!

How To Play Torturomatic

For controlling your character throughout the path in this interactive torture machine to get the highest point, you can use either your mouse or some keyboard keys in Torturomatic. You can select a direction by using the left mouse button. Also, you can press one of Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys for that. By using these controls, you should make sure to put your character through as much pain as possible. Do not forget the stickman is in this torture machine in a reason! It is a really bad criminal. Thinking about this information will be help you to torture it.

The game will automatically save your scores. Therefore, each time you play the game, the game saves your score, and you can play again it with new directions. This means that you are free to experience all directions and possibilities.