Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush, an unblocked games, is very similar with Death Run. In this awesome endless running game, you will play with the first person perspective, and your mission is to overcome the obstacles while running in a colorful tunnel. You should run as far as possible. Because, in this unblocked games, the longer you run, the higher points you get.

Like Death Run, you will automatically run in a colorful tunnel after starting the game. Also, there will be lots of obstacles during your path. The thing that you should do is to dodge these obstacles by using your fast reflexes. Because, when you hit one of them, you will die and so lose the game.

In order to overcome these obstacles, you should select a safe lane. However, you should keep in mind that this lane will not always be safe because the obstacles will continuously rotate. This situation may be the biggest challenge in this game.

How To Play Tunnel Rush

You will use either the A and D keys or the Left Arrow and Right Arrow to move in this running game. In order to move the right side of the game screen, you should use either the Right Arrow or D key. On the other hand, the Left Arrow or A key allows you to move the left side of the screen. If you want to replay the game or pause the game, you should press the space bar.

Tricks and Tips For Tunnel Rush

This adrenaline pumping and challenging game will start with the default speed, so default difficulty level. Then, your speed will slowly increase. Therefore, you should completely focus on the game screen in order to overcome the obstacles on your path. Even you are careless for a second, the game will end.

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