Uphill Rush

Uphill Rush which can be played in also unblocked games 66 is one of the best ever racing games. The differences between this game and other racing games are the graphics and game controls. The game in hot unblocked games offers many challenging 10 levels with unique graphics, vehicles and types of races. Each level has 3 difficulty options that are easy, normal and hard. After you complete a level with easy mode, the normal option will be unlocked. Also, after completing a level with normal mode, the hard option will be unlocked.

At the beginning, the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth levels are locked. After you complete the first, third and fifth levels, the seventh one will be unlocked. If you want to play the eighth level, you have to complete the second, fourth and sixth levels. For making the ninth level unlocked, you have to complete the first, third, fifth and seventh levels. Finally, in order to be able to play the tenth level, you must complete the second, fourth, sixth and eighth levels.

In this one of unblocked games, you can drive five different vehicles. These vehicles are motor bike, skateboard, quad, monster truck and a surprise special vehicle. Also, you can have two different types of races in this game. These two types are timed races and classical race between vehicles.

How To Play Uphill Rush

In this enjoyable game, there are 8 important keyboard keys to control your driver. These are the Up Arrow, Left Arrow, Down Arrow, Right Arrow, space bar, Z, P and M keys. In order to accelerate your vehicle and move it to the forward, you should use the Up Arrow. If you want to decelerate your vehicle and move it to the backward, you should use the Down Arrow. Moreover, the Left Arrow allows you to lean the backward, the Right Arrow let you lean the forward.

Besides that, you can press the space bar in order to jump. During the race, you can use turbo power by pressing the Z key. The game also provides a mini map. You can open or close this mini map by pressing the M key. Finally, the P key allows you to pause the game during the race.

Tricks and Tips For Uphill Rush

Here are some tips for Uphill Rush:

  • You should be very careful about not getting harmed. Because you have only 5 lives during each race. When you lose all of them, you lose the game.
  • Keep in mind that like your lives, your time is limited. You have 200 seconds to complete each level.
  • Using turbo power allows you to complete the levels faster. You should use wisely 3 rights of use the turbo power.