Vex 3

Vex 3 is the third installment of the most popular adventure game series, Vex. Here is a good new for stickman lovers. In this unblocked game, you will control a stickman. Your goal is to travel as many different terrains as possible. Like Vex and Vex 2, you will have acts to complete in this installment. Each act is full of challenges and fatal obstacles such as incredibly fast spinning saw blades, the row of thorns and flying darts. This means that you will face with newly edited more dangerous obstacles, so you should be very careful, and pass them skillfully.

Also, there are trophies in this game. Trophies replace the achievement system. Trophies section contain 4 main categories that are hardcore, completion, acts and awesome stuff. In this section, there are 39 goals for you to achieve.

How To Play Vex 3 Unblocked

In this installment, you will again use your mouse to control the stickman. You can make the stickman move forward and backward by pressing either the A and D keys or the Right Arrow and the Left Arrow. If you want to make the stickman jump, you should use either the W key or the Up Arrow. Also, you can make stickman crouch or slide down while he is running by pressing either the S key or the Down Arrow.

Tricks and Tips For Vex 3

First of all, you should be very careful about the purple blocks. These are so weak. Therefore, they will fall down when you step on them. The orange blocks allow you to jump super high into the air. In each act, you see some additional wooden boxes. You should kick them to the required locations. Then, you should use them to jump over some difficult locations. Finally, in order to get across the gaps, you should use road or a few stretches.

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