Whack The Terrorist Unblocked

Whack The Terrorist is a puzzle game in hot unblocked games. In this amazing puzzle game, you will control a character, and your mission is to defeat a terrorist that stands on the middle of city square. After you start the game, you will realize that the terrorist is busy with his remote control. While he is busy with that, you should find a way to prevent him by clicking on some object on the game screen. If you cannot achieve to stop him, he will destroy whole city. Thus, you should be very fast to stop him.

In the game, there are 10 different ways to prevent the terrorist. Each of them has unique violence scenes, so if you have no tolerance for violence, you should find another game in hot unblocked games to play. During the gameplay, you should explore and experience all 10 ways.

How To Play Whack The Terrorist

In this puzzle game, one of unblocked games, you should interact with some items to find a way to prevent the terrorist. In order to do that, you should use the left mouse button. 

Hints and Trips For Whack The Terrorist

Here are 10 ways to defeat the terrorist:

  • Tower: When you click the tower, a laser will occur. This laser will control a cat to defeat the terrorist.
  • Electrical wires: You can use these wires near to the warning sign.
  • Huge block: By press the huge block, you can move it with a crane and then throw it.  
  • Toolbox: You can use toolbox near the manhole cover.
  • Sewage: You can drop him into the sewage by clicking it.
  • Grille: You can use the grille.
  • Bottle: You can use the bottle on the table.
  • Pen: You can use the pen on the table. 
  • Hose: You can use the hose.
  • Chair: You use the chair which you sit.