Whack Your Boss 2

Whack Your Boss is a really enjoyable and interesting in hot unblocked games. In this unblocked game, you will have a chance to get rid of all your frustration about the work environment by torturing your boss in many different ways, so you’re welcome to free therapy! There is only one mission in this game, you should find these different ways to torture your boss. 

Each of torturing way has a special ending, so you should experience all of them to have more fun. We know that this is not challenging game and it is really easy. You may think this is lame, but it is immersive because it arouses curiosity, so drop it! Lets, just have fun!

How To Play Whack Your Boss 2  Unblocked

This unblocked game is all about interacting the items in the game screen. Some of them are clickable items. In order to find these clickable items, you should use your mouse. This leads to experiencing the possible torturing ways.

Some Tips For Whack Your Boss

If you have a trouble with finding the torturing ways, items, you should check the list that are following:

  • 1st item is the stapler on your table
  • 2nd item is the coffee mug on your table
  • 3rd one is your computer monitor
  • 4th one is the garbage can that is next to your table
  • 5th one is the ruler
  • 6th one is your character’s fists
  • 7th one is the keyboard
  • 8th one is your umbrella that is nest to your table
  • 9th one is the scissors
  • 10th one is your golf club
  • 11th one is the belt of your boss
  • 12th one is the water barrel that is outside of your office
  • 13th one is your briefcase
  • 14th one is the clock
  • 15th one is the telephone cord
  • 16th one is the letter opener on your table
  • 17th one is your boss’ pencil