Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss which is one of unblocked games is a really interesting game in hot unblocked games. Thanks to this interesting game, you can have a chance to get out all your inner frustration about your work environment. In order to achieve this, the game allows you to torture your boss in different ways. There are 20 different ways for torturing your boss. Therefore, in this game your mission is to find one of them.

After finding one way to torture your boss, we claim that you will wonder other ways, so you will want to experience also them. For that reason, the game is really and very immersive in despite of being too easy. In other words, there is not any challenge in this game, but it is still immersive because of arousing curiosity about the possible bad endings of your boss.

How To Play Whack Your Boss

During the game that is also in unblocked games 66, you should only use the left button of your mouse in order to experience all ways to torture your boss. When you click the all items in the game screen with your mouse, you can have a chance to find one of these ways.

Tricks and Tips For Whack Your Boss

As we mentioned earlier, there are 20 different ways to torture your annoying boss in Whack Your Boss. Some of them can be found easily whereas others are not that easy to find. For these ones that are hard to find, we decided to inform you. If you think you really tried to find them, but you did not, you should take a look at some tips and tricks about the game. These tips and tricks are following:

  1. You can use the stapler on your desk to hit your boss until he dies. After that, you can use it to stick a staple to the forehead of your boss.
  2. There is a coffee mug on your desk. You can use it to beat your boss.
  3. You can slam your computer monitor over your boss more than once. Then, you can throw it at your boss.
  4. There is a garbage can which is near your desk. You can hit your boss over his head with this can.
  5. Also, you can use the ruler as a ninja star.
  6. You can use your character’s fists.
  7. Hitting your boss’s head with the keyboard is another way to torture him.
  8. There is an umbrella which is near your desk to hit him.
  9. By using the scissors, you can slit his throat.
  10. With the golf club, you can beat him.
  11. You can use your boss’s own belt.
  12. There is a water barrel outside of your office. You can force this barrel into the mouth of your boss.
  13. Slamming his face into a shelf draw is also a way.
  14. Another way is shutting a door on the drawer on your boss’s head.
  15. You can whack him with your character’s own briefcase.
  16. Hitting him with the clock is a possible way.
  17. You can strangle him with the telephone chord wire.
  18. There is a letter opener on your desk to use.
  19. You can smash and then jab the glass bottle in his face.
  20. Finally, you can use the pencil of your boss.

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