Whack Your Ex

Whack Your Ex, one of unblocked games like ones in unblocked games 66, can allow you to get rid of all of your frustration and anger by torturing your ex. Therefore, in this interesting game, your mission is to whack and insult your ex as much as possible. The game offers 17 objects in order to let you torture your ex. The only thing that you should do is to test them by clicking on them.

We guess that after testing one of them and seeing the result, you will experience the others and see possible ends. There is no challenge and no level in this game. There is only stress relieving. As you can see, it a funny and cheaper therapy. If you ready, you can take revenge on your exes without harming any souls.

How To Play Whack Your Ex Unblocked

During this one of unblocked games, you just use your mouse to interact with the offered 17 objects. After interacting one of them, you will watch the result.

Tricks and Tips For Whack Your Ex

As we mentioned earlier, you can torture your ex by interacting one of 17 objects with your mouse. These objects are a laptop, car, credit card, blue colored gift box, poop gun, chocolate box, shoe, brick, pink colored gift box, hood, chair, plane, court shoe, punch, dagger, woman and control stick. All of these tools are for both men and women. Therefore, you should firstly decide which suit you. Then, you start to take your revenge on your ex.

Some Possible Ends

  • You can take the laptop and beat your ex in order to take out your anger.
  • By using the bricks, you can build a wall in order to hide out from your ex.
  • You can also use the poop gun to attack your ex.
  • By using a shoe, you can hit your ex and bash the head of your ex.