Wheels and Zombies

Wheels and Zombies, one of unblocked games in also unblocked games 66, is a game in race category. In this game, you will have a car with a huge weapon. Of course, there is a reason for having a huge weapon on the back of your car. The reason is zombies again! However, this time they may seem very cute. Do not let this trick you! If you kill all of them, they will try to eat you alive literally.

In this one of unblocked games, your aim is to reach finish line without getting harmed. Because getting harmed may lead to die and so lose the game. Therefore, if you do not want to game over, you should be very careful about being alive.

Through the each level of this game, when you kill the zombies, you will earn money. By using this money, you can buy some upgrades such as ammo, armor, torque, shoot speed, weight, acceleration, damage, wheels and brakes. This may lead to complete the harder levels.

How To Play Wheels and Zombies

In Wheels and Zombies, you should use 4 keyboard keys and your mouse in order to reach finish line by controlling your car. These keys are the Down Arrow, Right Arrow, Left Arrow and Up Arrow. The Down Arrow allows you to brake and also move your car to the backward. Besides that, you can use the Up Arrow in order to move your car to the forward. The Right Arrow should be used for tilting your car’s front. Also, the Left Arrow should be used for tilting your car’s back.

Moreover, in order to control the weapon in the back of your car and aim the zombies, you should move your mouse. After aiming, you should click the left mouse button for shooting them.

Upgrades Of Wheels and Zombies

In this game, there are 9 upgrades. These are ammo, wheels, torque, shoot speed, armor, weight, damage, acceleration and brakes. Keep in mind that you can buy each type of upgrade four time at most. Also, each of them gives you different type of capability. When you upgrade ammo, you will increase the capacity of the weapon’s ammo. If you upgrade armor, your chance to get harmed will decrease.

By upgrading acceleration, you can move your car faster. If you upgrade weight, you will remove some amount of your car. This may lead to drive it more easily. Moreover, by upgrading wheels, you can make the size of your wheels bigger. Finally, you can make your brakes stronger and faster by upgrading brakes.

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