Wrestle Jump

Wrestle Jump is a fighting game. This game is very similar with Get On Top. The gameplay of both of these fighting games are very similar. Like Get On Top, this game is an unlocked flash game that can played everywhere by only using a browser without blocked. Your mission that is also same with it is to make the head of your competing wrestler on the ground. In order to achieve that, you should push and pull your opponent, and jump to destroy the balance between you.

Unlike Get On Top, Wrestle Jump has well designed game graphics. In this unblocked games 66, both the feeling of competition and well prepared game graphics appeal the players and keep them play the game. Also, there are more than one playing options in this game. These options are 1 player, 2 players and multiplayer playing modes. If you want to battle against computer, you should click the 1 player mode. When you want to play the game against your family or friend on a computer, you should select the 2 players. Finally, if you want to play the game on online server, you should select the multiplayer.

How To Play Wrestle Jump Unblocked

When you select the 1 player mode, you will control the red wrestler. In order to control him, you will use only the W key. If you select the 2 player mode, in order to control the red wrestler, the W key should be used whereas in order to control the blue wrestler, the M key should be used. When you select the multiplayer mode, you will see there are two more options. These are random game and play with friend. You can select one of them. After selecting one of them, you will control the red wrestler. In order to control the wrestler, you should click the red square in the left side of the game screen.