Zombie Warrior Man

Zombie Warrior Man, one of unblocked games, is an enjoyable action game in hot unblocked games. As you know almost all games are about killing zombies, but this time it is different! In this game, you will control a zombie warrior. According to the story of this game, our zombie warrior is kept captive in a hospital in order to perform many experiments on him. The aim of these experiments is to find a way to harness his power for their own use.

However, all these hospital people underestimate the power of Zombie Warrior’s superior genes. How much time they think they can keep him in this prison? The Zombie Warrior is getting angry! Also, the fact that he does not much like hospitals is not really helpful about that situation. Now, they all have to experience the anger of Zombie Warrior!

Depending the story, your mission is clear, right! In this one of unblocked games 66, you should help the Zombie Warrior to escape from the hospital. Besides that, you should teach everybody not to mess with a zombie!

How To Play Zombie Warrior Man

During the game, you will use the Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow and space bar in order to achieve your mission. You can walk to the forward and backward by pressing the Left Arrow and Down Arrow. Moreover, in order to use your weapons, you should press the space bar. In Zombie Warrior Man, there are two types of weapon. These two types are firearms and edged weapons.

Nevertheless, it is enough to press only the space bar to use both firearms and edged weapons. If you have an edged weapon, you should hold the space bar to cut through bigger stuffs. On the other hand, if you have a firearm, you should hide behind a stretcher or a chair not to be shot by pressing the Down Arrow. Also, in order to be able to shoot the hospital people, you should press the Up Arrow first.

Tricks and Tips For Zombie Warrior Man

In this exciting game, there are some points to consider while playing the game. The one of these points is to use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow in order to stand and duck when you are in a shootout. Even you character is a zombie warrior, your live is limited. After being shot 5 times, you can die and lose the game. Therefore, you should really be careful about hiding from the bullets.

Another point is to hold the space bar while using an edged weapon. During the game, you’ll face with many big stuffs like stretchers, some hospital machines, wheel chairs and old fat ladies on your path. In order to get rid of them, you should halve them by holding the space bar.

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