Zombocalypse 2

Zombocalypse 2, an unblocked game, is an awesome zombie shooting game. During the game, in an apocalyptic world, you will fight off harder of zombies. As you can see zombies are back again and you are a soldier who will deal with the zombies.

By killing zombies, you can earn golds during this unblocked games. Then, you will use these golds by buying new weapons, customs, upgrades and combos in the game shop. You should keep in mind that when you use your golds, you will become the stronger soldier.

How To Play Zombocalypse 2 Unblocked

In this zombie shooting game, you will use the Arrow keys, A, D, S, P, W and space bar in order to control your character. If you want to move your character left and right, you should use the A key or Left Arrow and the D key or Right Arrow. In order to pick up crates, you should use either the Down Arrow or the S key. By holding one of these two keys, you can drop weapon. If you want to use your weapon, you should press the space bar. Besides that, the P key allows you to pause the game. Finally, you can use kill combos by pressing either the W key or Up Arrow.

Achievements of Zombocalypse 2

There are some achievements in this game. In order to get them, you should perform some action such as:

  • Getting a 100 kill combo
  • Reaching ascension rank
  • Buying every weapon upgraded to max
  • Killing s tank zombies in one play
  • Getting a 200 kill combo
  • Visitting ironzilla’s twitter and facebook page
  • Getting every perk to elite
  • Getting a 300 kill combo
  • Achieving 500 kills in crash site
  • Getting 500 kills in downtown
  • Achieving 500 kills in military base
  • Getting 1000 kills in crash site
  • Obtaining 1000 kills in downtown
  • Achieving 1000 kills in military base