Zombs.io is a combination game. It is actually combination of Zombie tower defense and Minecraft. In the game, your mission is to build a base and then defend your base against waves of zombies. After completing some levels, you need to upgrade your base. This leads to make your base stronger. 

How To Play Zombs.io

In Zombs.io, the game controls are the T, B, E, O, Esc, F, Alt, P, Shift, I, space bar, Q, Arrow Keys, 0 to 9 number keys and your mouse. If you want to build, gather or attack, you can use the space bar or left mouse button. Moreover, you can move your character by using the Arrow keys. Also, you can select items by using the 0 to 9 number keys. 

Besides that, the F key is for quick heal whereas the T key is for quick sell. The P key is for party menu, and the Q key is for cycling weapons. By using the right mouse button or Esc key, you can unselect whereas you can use the E key for quick upgrade. Also, you can hold the Shift or Alt key to upgrade all. The B, O and I keys are for shop menu. Finally, the Enter and Tab keys are for chatting with other players. 

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