Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale is a fantastic multiplayer game in hot unblocked games. This amazing fantastic game has a battle royale gameplay. It seems like inspired by Pubg and Fortnite. In this game, you should try to be the last standing combatant against many other online players. During the gameplay, you should interact with many objects in order to pick up some supplies to survive. You should look for food and weapons, and eliminate as many players as you can.  

The Shop In Zombs Royale

The shop is the place where you can buy and upgrades your tools and armor. In order to access the Shop, you can either click on the shop button or press the B, O or I keys. In the Shop, there are 5 categories that are weapons, armor, hats, pets and utility. 

  • Weapons are the pickaxe, pear, bow and bomb.
  • Armor is the shield.
  • Hats are the horns.
  • Pets are the C.A.R.L and woody the harvester.
  • Utilities are the health potion and pet potion. 

How To Play Zombs Royale

The game controls are the Arrow keys, Esc, E, T, F, Shift, Q, Tab, Enter, B, O, I, P, space bar, 0 to 9 number keys and left mouse button. First of all, you should know that the Arrow keys allow you to move your character. Besides that, you should use the left mouse button in order to gather, attack or build. For quick upgrade, you should press the E key whereas for quick sell, you should press the T key. The F key is for quick heal, and the B, O and I keys are for shop menu. 

Moreover, you should use the space bar for auto gather, attack or build. While the P is for party menu, the Esc for unselecting. When you hold the Shift key, you can upgrade all. To cycle weapons, you should use the Q key. Also, you can chat in the game by using the Tab and Enter keys. Finally, the 0 to 9 number keys should be used for selecting some items.

  • 0 is for harvester.
  • 1 is for wall.
  • 2 is for door.
  • 3 is for slow trap.
  • 4 is for arrow tower.
  • 5 is for cannon tower.
  • 6 is for melee tower.
  • 7 is for bomb tower.
  • 8 is for mage tower.
  • 9 is for gold mine.