Mutilate a doll 2

Mutilate a doll 2, one of unblocked games like ones in unblocked games 66, is the newest version of Multilate a doll, the crazy doll torturing game. In this bloody type sandbox game, you will try to find ways to destroy a dummy. During the game, you can explore your creativity by using and combining many types of weapons freely. The game offers more than 50 types of weapons including blenders, fireballs, anvils, cannons, guns and traps. Besides that, there are also healing orbs for the dummy.

This one of unblocked games gives you the power to cause an insane damage. The success depends on only your imagination. You can torture the rag doll as you wish. You can smash, burn or blow up the rag doll.

How To Play Mutilate a doll 2 Unblocked

It is really easy to play this game. Because the only thing that you should do to play the game is moving your mouse.


The game lets you design your dolls. You can equip them with many items. These items can be rotated, colored and scaled. Also, they come with a set of properties such as ignoring gravity and exploding on touch.

Furthermore, you can customize not only your doll but also the game environment. You can choose one of moon, desert, volcanic, glacier and woodland environment.


There are 1500 items in the game. You can take a look at them in the library section. You should keep in mind that functionalities of these items are different from real life items. You will use them for different reasons. In order to choose one of these items, you should either open the spawn menu or library menu. If you want to choose your item randomly, you should click the spawn menu. If you want to browse all items and choose one of them, you should click the library menu.