Strike Force Heroes 3

Strike Force Heroes 3 is the latest installment of Strike Force Heroes series. This unblocked games 66  is an exciting shooting platform. During the game, some missions will be assigned you, and you will try to achieve these missions. While achieving each mission, you will earn money. You should use this money to customize your soldier. Customizing your soldier may help you to deal with the hard-bitten bad guys.

How To Play Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked

In order to move your solider, you should use the W, A, S, D keys or Arrow keys. You can aim your target by moving your mouse and shoot him or her by clicking the left mouse button. If you want to reload your gun, you should click the right mouse button. In order to switch weapons, you should press either the Q key or Shift. For killstreak, you should use one of the E key and Ctrl.

Soldier Classes Of Strike Force Heroes 3

The game offers 8 different solider classes. These classes are engineer, gunslinger, medic, juggernaut, mercenary, elite, ninja, sniper and knight. Each of these classes has unique abilities and specialist. Also, each of them can use two primary and two secondary weapons, and each of them has it’s gender.

  • Engineer: The gender of engineer class is male. This class can build turrets with its killstreaks.
  • Gunslinger: The gender of gunslinger class is female. This is an offensive support class. They can boost the fire power or crit chance of their squad mates with their killstreaks.
  • Medic: The gender of medic class is female. This is a defensive support class. A medic can heal her squad mates. Also, she can give them armor with killstreaks.
  • Juggernaut: The gender of juggernaut class is male. It is a heavy defensive class. They can take the the most damage because they have the highest health. Also, they have half offensive and half defensive killstreaks.
  • Mercenary: The gender of mercenary class is male. It is a heavy offensive class. A mercenary can use his traits and killstreaks only in order to deal with massive damage.
  • Elite: The gender of elite class is female. It is an offensive support class. They can freeze or burn enemies with their killstreaks.
  • Ninja: The gender of ninja class is female. It is also an offensive support class. This class is really fast.
  • Sniper: The gender of this offensive class is male. At far range, this class can al huge damage.
  • Knight: The gender of knight class is male. This class can only wield melee weapons.