TU-46 Unblocked

TU-46 that is an unblocked game is a sequel to the game TU 95 and a 1970s airline simulator. In this unblocked simulator game, you will control a brand new passenger aircraft from Tupolev and create an image for your airline along other airline competitors. During the game, you should deliver passengers around 6 countries. In order to improve your plane stability, you should upgrade your aircraft.

You should shine in the daily newspaper with your flight by being the last one to stick around. During your flight, keep in mind that every airline has it’s own deadline.

How To Play TU-46 Unblocked

Before stating the game, you should familiarize with the controls. You should use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow in order to control the aircraft speed. Also, you should use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow to control the aircraft rotation. You can start the engine with initialise button. Initialise button is the I key. You should use the gear button that is the G key in order to toggle gear. Moreover, you should use the flaps button to change flaps. The flaps button is the F key. If you want to trun around, you should use the space bar.

The extinguisher button that is the E key allows you to use extinguishers. You should use the Z key for long flights. Do not forget that game speeds up by 16 times. If you want to play the game in mute mode, you should use the M key. Also, you can pause the game by pressing the P key.

Tricks and Tips For TU-46

In this game, flaps are important to understand. Especially, without the right flaps position, it will be very difficult to land. There are 3 different types of flap positions. These are take off, normal and landing. Another important thing is gear in this game. You should close the gear while flying. Because gear can brake or jamm during fast speeds. You should land with your back wheels first.